Hem Precious Jasmine Incense Sticks - 6 pack (Big Box)

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Hem Precious Jasmine Incense Sticks

The heady fragrance of jasmine is evocative of a million small white blooms, a scent that is infinitely desirable. Hem Incense is the world's most popular incense stick. Used by millions everyday around the world. Mogra, also known as Jasmine, has a sensual fragrance that soothes and encourages sound sleep. Hem Precious Mogra Incense Sticks are jasmine-scented, and possess soothing qualities that encourage sound sleep. Ideal if you want to create a warm, tranquil atmosphere.

Hem *MOGRA (Indian JASMINE)* Incense Sticks made by Hem. Pamper yourself with the passion filled aroma of this Indian Jasmine incense.

No animal testing
Hand Rolled In India

Light the end of the stick.
Blow the flame out when the end is glowing.
Place the stick in an incense burner on a heat resistant surface.

Keep out of reach of children.
Make sure ashes fall on fireprof surfaces, (Ashtrays or incense sticks holder).
Not for human consumption & not tested on animals.

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