Pure Eiree Grass Fed VAT Pasturized 2% Milk 1/2 Gal (Pre-order)

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Pure Eiree Organic Grade A 100% Grass fed VAT Pasturized milk - 1/2 Gal

We can bring you fresh 100% Grass fed USDA Organic VAT pasteurized non homogenized milk in the shortest time span from the farm @ Othello, WA to your home.

Now drink and feel the benefits of consuming A2 protein rich milk and help keep it easy on your Disgestive tract.

Certified Organic
100% grass fed
Certified NON-GMO Project
Certified by Animal Welfare Alliance
Antibiotic and Hormone Free
Free of chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides
NOT combined with milk from any other dairy
Hand-selected herd to be free of A1 positive cows
Not homogenized, so you get the cream on top

Washington's only 100% organic farm.

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