Old Silvana Guernsey Goodness Raw Milk - 1/2 Gal

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Old Sylvana Guernsey Goodness Raw Milk - 1/2 gal

Raw unprocessed milk has very low expiry date. We can bring you fresh RAW Milk in the shortest time span from the farm @ Arlington, WA to your home.

Guernsey cows naturally give more than 90% A2 milk.

Now drink and feel the benefits of consuming A2 protein rich milk and help keep it easy on your Disgestive tract.

Antibiotic and Hormone Free
Free of chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides
NOT combined with milk from any other dairy
Not homoginized, so you get the cream on top

Here at Old Silvana Creamery our small herd of purebred Guernsey cows produce the golden, creamy milk that we sell. Our milk is bottled whole and raw. We are not certified organic, but we farm as though we are.

Raw milk is very scarce and we cannot guarantee availability during winter season.

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