Manna Badam Drink Mix (Almond Mix) 200 Grams

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Quick Overview

At Badam Drink Mix is a perfect combination of Badam & Kesar and so delicious that your child will now look forward to drinking milk. It is naturally good for your child as it contains real pieces of badam and real saffron. Since the ancient times, Badam and Kesar have been well known to possess natural quantities that are good for both body and mind and also help in boosting immunity & strength.
MTR is absolutely free from any added chemicals or artificial flavors because at MTR we believe that the goodness of nature is the best way to address a growing child's needs.

With Real Badam (Almond) Bits and Real Kesar
Each 200g makes about 2 liters of Badam drink and contains 33-35 servings
Drink hot or cold
With real badam bits and real kesar
Ingredients: Sugar, Almond (8.5%), Milk Solids, Cardamom, Starch, Saffron extract, Saffron

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