Mangoes are here

While the mango season in India typically begins in the last week of March, over the years the fruit has been available for sale far earlier, and at times even as early as January. Like last year, we are bringing Alphonso, Kesar and Baiganpalle varieties of mangoes to you. Our lucky local Indian team got to do the fun job of tasting all the mangoes around to get us the best of the lot. 


Thousands of Shoperies customers loved the Mangoes last year, pre-order now to book yours. There is definitely very limited quantity available and to make sure all our customers get to taste the mangoes in its purest fresh form, we get Mangoes in limited quantity. Pre-order now.

Discounted prices available only during pre-order period or until stock last. Deliveries will be made after April 15th.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where are the Mangoes coming from?

All Mangoes are Handpicked Premium Export Quality Grade A+ mangoes comes directly from India so you can enjoy the fresh mangoes in its best superior form

2) What varities are available?

Currently, Alphonso, Kesar and Baiganpalle varities are available for pre-order

3) How are mangoes packaged?

Each Mango is carefully wrapped with butter paper and packed in a 5 ply corrugated gift box with separators so as to avoid fruit from being damaged in transport. 

4) How many mangoes are in a box?

Number of mangoes in every box varies with size, we are only able to commit to certain weight of the box and not the number of Mangoes unlike last year. Weight details of the box are mentioned the product description on each product page

5) When will i get the delivery?

Deliveries will start after April 15th. Will do our best to deliver the Mangoes to you as soon as we can.

6) Can i buy more than one box?

No limit, Order one for you, Gift your Friends, Family, Employees and Clients

7) Is there a delivery fees?

Normal order minimum applies, you can order other Grocery items to avail FREE delivery

8) Do we take orders over phone?

No, all orders have to be placed online

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