Mango Meter - Ripe or not

Can't wait for the Mangoes to arrive !!!

Our initial shipment will arrive on 04/30 and we will make sure we will deliver your pre-orders as soon as we can. While we wait for this sweet fruit to arrive, its important to understand how to determine whether or not a Mango is fully ripe, how to store etc.

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Is the Mango fully ripe 

Its simple, very importantly- Dont go by the color, Red Mangoes doesn't mean they are ripe, red color around the stem of the mango doesnt mean it will taste better than other mangoes. 

Mango is fully ripe when the mangoes feel soft with a gentle squeeze and when you smell that fragrance around the stem end of the fruit.

You can also use the below Shoperies Mango 'O' Meter to determine if the mango is fully ripe.



How to safely store Mangoes

If the Mangoes are rock hard, It is not ripe yet, please store them at room temperature. Storing the Mangoes wrapped in newspaper or some brown paper fastens the process of ripening, this is one of the age old technique to ripe the Mango faster. 

Once the mangoes are ripe, i,e., softer to gentle squeeze, you can refrigerate for few days to prolong the shelf life after they are fully ripe. 

With that said, let us know if you have any questions with your pre-orders or Mangoes. 


Happy Mangooo days ahead! Slurrrp...

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