How Shoperies Works?

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        Getting groceries to your door using SHOPERIES.COM !.


           Plan ahead and get all you want from the farm to your door step within 24 hours. Same day delivery available. Not only you save the trip to the grocery store you also get them fresh from the farm. We work and get fresh produce from the farm as 4 times a week from local farms. Some selection of indian vegies come from california.



 Ordering with is simple!.



  1. Shop all your grocery items.

Shop farm fresh A2 milk, spinach, strawberries to your favorite britannia buscuit. You can use your computer, tablet, Android or iPad or IPhone.


  2. Groceries delivered on the day you choose.

Order before 1:00 PM for same day deliveries. If you want things delivered on a different date add a note to your order and we shall take care of it.

Choose our My Basket feature to get items on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.


  3.  Delivered to your door step.

 Our deliveries start as early as 4:00 PM and goes upto 9:30 PM.

 (Delivery times can change based on traffic).