Grace Harbor Farms Whole Milk - 64 Oz

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Grace Harbor Farms Whole Milk

Expiry (Nov 02/2017)

Our whole milk is fresh and pure milk from Guernsey and Jersey cows from our farm in Lynden WA. Our cows are grass fed and non GMO. We don't seperate our milk out so it has a wonderful cream top.

Whole Milk, pasteurized, not homogenized. Shake it up to mix in the cream on top, or pour the cream off for your coffee.

No Harmones
No Antibiotics
No GMO Feed
A-2 Protein milk only.

Whole-milk, cream-top (non-homogenized) yogurt from Guernsey cows in Lyden, Wash. Guernsey milk has a rich flavor and high levels of A2 beta-casein. Just the milk you need to keep your digestive system healthy.

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