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Shopping FAQ

How can I place an order at Shoperies? 

  • Sign up to create an account.
  • Browse our local products, organic section, produce, dairy and pantry categories or use the search box to look for specific items or brands.
  • When you find what you want, select a quantity and click the "Add to Cart" button.
  • Once you've selected and added all you want to cart, proceed to checkout. In the shopping cart page apply any coupon you may have.
  • Click on checkout. You will be guided through the steps to set your shipping address. Select a payment method. You can pay via PayPal or credit card. 
  • After you review and place your order, we'll send you an e-mail confirming your order details.


What is the minimum order? 

There is no minimum order amount. But the delivery charges vary based on minimum order. See Delivery section below for those details.

35$ Minimum for Free delivery (Sammamish, Issaquah, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland). Orders below $35 will have a delivery charge of $3.99.

50$ Minimum for Free delivery (Seattle, Renton, Bothell). Orders below $50 will have a delivery charge of $4.99.

100$ Minimum for Free delivery (Snoqualmie) on all days except Tuesday and Friday. Orders below 100$ will have a delivery charge of 9.99.

35$  Minimum for Free delivery (Snoqualmie) on Tuesday and Friday.


How can I pay for my order? 

Shoperies accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards as well as debit cards bearing the MasterCard or Visa logo. My Basket Feature will not support paypal due to limitations in the system.


Do you accept coupons? 

We accept Shoperies coupons that you can apply towards your order. When you checkout you can enter the coupon code in Apply Discounts and enjoy savings on your Shoperies order. To get coupons like us on Facebook and lookout for deals in our newsletter. We do send out coupons to our existing customers very frequently. With or without coupons, be assured that you are getting highly competitive prices on all grocery items.


Can I cancel or make changes to my order? 

You can cancel, change, or reschedule an order anytime before the order cutoff time.

Cut off time for all orders is 1:00 PM.

If you miss the cut off and want to change your order, please call Shoperies customer support.


How to track my order status? 

We do not provide realtime tracking of order, yet. All deliveries are made same day or next day based on when order is placed. Your delivery schedule will be specified in the order confirmation email. Typically all delievries are made between 4PM and 7PM in the eastside areas and between 6PM and 9PM in the Seattle and other areas. We often find the seattle area traffic to be extremely high, We would suggest customers little far away from seattle that their orders can get delayed upto 10:00 PM.


What is your return policy? 

No questions asked, Hassle Free return policy!

For all perishables we request you send us a photo of the product you have issue with as soon as possible. We will review and process a refund or arrange for replacement. Refund for perishables have to be handled within 24 hours. Perishables include vegitables, frozen items, refregirated items.

For all non-perishables, we request you send us a photo of the product you have issue with, within 30 days. The item should be in its original packaging. We will review and process a refund or arrange for replacement.

If you think something went wrong we want to know about it. We constantly work hard to improve our process.


Delivery FAQ

Same day delivery cut off time is 1 pm

Which areas do you deliver?

 Shoperies currently serves the following cities - 

  • Bellevue
  • Medina
  • Yarrow Head
  • Bothell
  • Issaquah
  • Kirkland
  • Mercer Island
  • Redmond
  • Renton
  • Sammamish
  • Seattle
  • Snoqualmie
  • Woodinville
  • Kenmore
  • Shoreline


When can I expect my order to arrive?

 Your order will arrive between 4:00PM and 9:00PM on the scheduled delivery day. We deliver on the same day for orders placed before 2:00 PM other wise orders will be delivered the next day.  We often find the seattle area traffic to be extremely high, All seattle deliveries are made between 6:00 to 9:00 PM. We would suggest customers little far away from downtown seattle that their orders can get delayed upto 10:00 PM. You will be nofitied on possible delays due to heavy traffic during the delivery days.  


We deliver all 7 days a week except government holidays.  

What are my delivery charges?

35$ Minimum for FREE delivery (Sammamish, Issaquah, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland). Orders below $35 will have a delivery charge of $3.99.

50$ Minimum for FREE delivery (Seattle, Mercer Island, Renton, Bothell, Snowqualmie, Woodinville, Shoreline). Orders below

$50 will have a delivery charge of $4.99.


What Delivery options are available currently?

Same Day Delivery, Next Day delivery is available.   

I get a lot of green tote bags during delivery. What do i do with them?

We @ beleive in clean and green. Everyone should do their part to keep the ecosystem good. 

The Green tote bags are property of and are given to customers for convinience purposes only. These bags have to be returned in the condition they were provided to customers. They have to be returned back within 1 to 2 weeks time. If not returned we will charge 1.5$ for every regular bag and 3.5$ for every insulated bag provided to customer.


Can I get my deliveries, even if I’m not home to receive the order?

 Certainly. We will leave your order in tote bags outside your door, if you are unable to receive your order. Please pick up your order within 2 hours of delivery. Shoperies cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of items in such cases. We send out a text to the phone on file when we start our delivery out. We also send out a text when the items are placed at your door step. 

If not able to deliver we send out email and wait for confirmation. If we donot get confirmation within a day we cancel the order.


We live in a gated community. Do you still deliver to me? 

Yes, we deliver to gated communities. You can provide your apartment number and gate code in your address. We can also leave the bags at the concierge where possible. We ask that you be available in the delivery window or make arrangement to get building access. If we are unable to get access during delivery attempt items will be redelivered the next day. We expect our customers to come down to their gate to get their groceries and assist us to carry their groceries to their door step.


What should I expect if I couldn’t be home to accept a planned delivery?

You can send us email or let us know in your delivery directions in address any delivery instructions. You do not need to be home to receive a delivery. But we ask that you pick up your order within 2 hours of delivery. Shoperies cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of items in such cases.


Am I expected to tip the delivery person?

We try to keep our cost very low. If you have got a exceptional service feel free to tip the drivers to make their life easy.

There are other ways to show your appreciation If you feel that you’ve received exceptional service please go to our website and write a review. Your experience and satisfaction will be very helpful for other customers.

Shoperies delivery personnel are not permitted to solicit tips under any circumstances.


How can I share feedback about Shoperies delivery personnel?

We are always interested to hear about our delivery teams. Please send us an e-mail ( about your delivery experience.  


My Baskets FAQ


What is My Baskets?

My Basket is the same as Subscribe and Get Fresh just with lot many more items to choose from. My Baskets allows you to create your own set of items you buy regularly, then set up auto-delivery so that these items get delivered to you as often as you would like.


What is the difference between a daily order and a My Basket order?

Daily order works the same you add your items to cart and place your order. It will be delivered the same day. My Basket is a recurring order. Once you create and schedule it the system will place it for you in cycle that you’ve selected.


Do I need to use My Basket?

Absolutely not. We have My Baskets feature to help those who know that they need some grocery items regularly and want this to be taken care ahead of time without having to place a daily order. We have a better control of providing super fresh produce and grocery with the help of this feature.


What would be an example of My Basket order?

A customer order could be something he might need every week. For e.g., banana, milk, snack packet, Cilantro, and two vegetables. When placing the order customer can select Friday delivery. Thereafter the order can be tweaked slightly if needed before it is delivered every Friday.


How do I add items to My Basket?

Every item has a “Add to Basket” link. You can click on it to add your selected item to your basket. You can also add items in your cart to Basket by selecting the button ‘Add All to Basket’.


What is the minimum order amount for My Basket?

$20 is the minimum order for FREE delivery. If order is lower than that there will be a $2.99 delivery charge added.


My Weekly Basket is active. How can I cancel it?

You can simply click on Suspend in the basket view. This will put any upcoming orders on hold and will not be delivered unless activate again.


When will I get a reminder about My Basket?

You will get a reminder 4 days ahead of your upcoming order. This will give you enough time to get the items you need into your basket.


My Basket order is placed, but I need to add a two more items to the currently scheduled delivery. How can I do it?

For any add on items you may need please add to cart and check out as a regular order. You don’t have to add items to ‘My Basket’ unless you need it every delivery cycle. 


I’ve enjoyed getting only my milk order from Shoperies. Why are you taking away the support to just order 1 item every week?

Shoperies goal is to make grocery shopping extremely convenient to you. My Basket feature will let you add those many grocery items that you can easily use in the week and take care of it for you. Our past selection for “Subscribe and Get Fresh” was limited to mostly dairy and ‘My Baskets’ opens up the full store of items for you. We think you will easily reach the $20 minimum order amount. We want you to give it a try and see how the Basket ordering works for you.  


I still want only my milk delivery and my order is below $20. What are my options?

If order total is less than $20, you can pay a shipping charge of $2.99. We also have a coupon code for you ‘TRYBASKET’ incase you want to see how the basket work for you. The coupon will waive the Basket shipping charge and you can use it for four times.

How can i pay for "My Baskets" service?

"My Baskets" does not support paypal. Customer needs to have a stored credit card in file for this feature to work.


Products FAQ


How does Shoperies guarantee freshness of perishables?

We work on short turnarround time with the farms we work with. We tend to constantly restock and clear our shelves to provide you high quality produce. Our personal shoppers have a keen eye towards quality of produce. Since we can only provide fresh produce some vegitables can go out of stock without notice. We would call you for recommendations on replacement.


How does Shoperies guarantee product availability?

We only list most commonly purchased items or items that we stock ourselves. We have a huge stock of items in our inventory which we maintain and keep fresh.You might see items go out of stock for a short time period. There is a possibility that some items you order is not available for delivery. We would notify you on those circumstances.


What type of products do Shoperies stock in order to guarantee affordable price and quality?

We stock almost everything except for some speciality items like bread which expires very fast. We shop for those, look for expiry dates to deliver to our customers. All of our Local dairy comes from local farms within 100 miles, so you can find them better stocked than local grocery chains.  


Are your prices different from the store price?

Our prices are highly competitive. We confidently say that We Will Beat or Match any local store prices on all our products. Our pricing is very reasonable for the quality of products and service delivered to our customers.


Where are the pre-negotiated products brought?

We buy them from a variety of local farms, dairies, wholesalers, and stores where we can get items fresh and for a bulk discount price.


How long will my order stay fresh in the delivery boxes?

Refrigerated perishables will stay fresh in the delivery boxes up to two hours after delivery. Frozen items should be placed in the freezer immediately.


Mango FAQS

What to expect in my mango box?

We sell mangoes in boxes by weight and not by count. Please check the product detail page for the weight of mangoes in a box. You can expect to see semi ripe good looking mangoes in each box.  Our farmers have done a great deal of work to bring excelent looking mangoes to your door step.

Please donot expect ready to eat mangoes in each box. Though there could be a few of them you can eat right away.

What do i do when i get my mango box?

Please open your box and look for any visually not good looking mangoes. Look for bigger black spots or patches in the mangoes.If you find them please send us photo of these for refund. We do only refund for mangoes that are not good from outside.


When do i know if my mangoes are ripe?

Color is not a good indicator for ripeness of mangoes. Please touch and slightly press your mangoes if they are semi soft then they are good to cut and eat. You can also smell the buds part of the mango for good smell to figure out if it is ripe.


 My mango is still hard How do i ripen them?

Keep the mangoes in their original packing and keep them in a window sill or kitchen counter top or the warmest place in your house. Do not heat your mangoes or refregerate them. You will have to check your mangoes for ripeness every 12 to 24 hours.

Can i return my box of mangoes?

We will take returns if you return to the driver immidiately. Otherwise all returns have to be bought back to warehouse in good condition for refund within 24 hours.

When you receive your mangoes check your box to see bigger black spots on them or if they are spoilt on the outside. In which case if you report the issues within 24 hours with a photo we do refund for the items. On certain conditions we would ask you to bring the box to our warehouse for full refund.

Can i return the mangoes if they are rotten inside?

No. We donot have any control of how mangoes are inside. Alphono mangoes are notorous to be fiborous and can be patchy inside and we donot have any control over the nature of the fruit. 

My Mangoes taste sour Can I return them?

Please follow proper guidelines to ripen your fruit and allow it time and proper heat to ripen it. We are not responsible if you cut your mangoes too early and eat them. Based on the local climate it can take 3 to 4 days for the mangoes to ripen.

You can participate!


Did you like our service? 

If you are happy with our process and service, it would be great to get a review. You can write about your shopping experience with us on our website or on our FaceBook page. Like us on FB.


Refer us to your friends 

We totally appreciate your referrals! If you like us please refer us to your friends and earn referral rewards!


Can I contribute to making pricing affordable? 

Yes, you can. Placing your orders a few days in advance will help to organize and arrange volume shipments, and simultaneously help to lower product costs.



Contact Us

How do I report a problem?

Select Contact Us under useful links, and send us your comments. Our shoppers and customer service representatives are constantly busy helping other customers so the best way to reach us would be by the Contact Us form.


I did not find what I’m looking for on your website. How can I let you know?

If you are looking for an essential grocery item and you don’t find it on our website, you can fill the report in the Contact Us page and send it to us. We’d be happy to look into it. You can include items in your order notes and we'll add it to your order.


You can email us at for any other question or feedback.





Storing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Better Taste


Storage Location

Fruits and Melons



Store in refrigerator

apples (> 7 days)


Asian pears (nashi) blackberries



cut fruits







green beans

lima beans



Brussels sprouts cabbage




cut vegetables

green onions

herbs (not basil)

leafy vegetables








summer squashes

sweet corn

Ripen on the counter first, then store in the refrigerator









Store only at room temperature

apples (< 7 days) bananas














basil (in water)


dry onions*







sweet potatoes*


winter squashes


*Store garlic, onions, potatoes, and sweet potatoes in a well ventilated area in the pantry. Protect potatoes from light to avoid greening. †Cucumbers, eggplant and peppers can be kept in the refrigerator for 1 to 3 days if they are used soon after removal from the refrigerator.


Safe Handling

To be sure fruits and vegetables are not contaminated with harmful bacteria, follow these simple steps when selecting and storing fruits and vegetables.

1. At home, keep fruits and vegetables separated from raw meat, poultry, and seafood to prevent cross-contamination.

2. Once at home, store all fresh-cut ready-to-eat prepared produce in the refrigerator to keep it cold.

3. Wash all whole fruits and vegetables, including larger items like melons, just before preparation for eating. Cut out damaged (bruised, discolored) areas before eating.

4. Before and after handling fruits and vegetables make sure your work area and utensils are clean and that your hands have been washed with hot soapy water.

5. Fruits and vegetables should be washed under running water. Soaking them in water increases the opportunity for cross- contamination and is not recommended.

6. Produce such as apples, cucumbers and melons that can be rubbed without damage should be scrubbed using clean hands or a clean scrub brush.

7. Dry washed fruits and vegetables with clean disposable paper towels.

8. Once cut or prepared, all fruits and vegetables should be refrigerated promptly. After serving, refrigerate leftovers within two hours.

9. It is not necessary to wash ready-to-eat prewashed and packaged fresh-cut produce. If you choose to rewash this type of produce follow the instructions above. Always wash unpackaged prepared salad mixes under running water prior to consumption.