Shashtha Pooja Deepam Oil - 500ml

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Quick Overview

Deepam oil consists of 5 oil to bring the aroma and other benefits to your life

PURE GINGELLY/SESAME OIL (35%) - Gingelly Oil or Sesame Oil helps to eliminate difficulties and removes obstacles from one’s life

PURE COW’S GHEE (20%) - Cow’s Ghee ensures prosperity, health and happiness. Said to destroy poverty and give peace in one’s life

MAHUA OIL (20%) - This is extracted from the Mahua tree and is known as “Illuppai ennai” locally. It is said to free one from debt and evokes the blessings of Lord Shiva

CASTOR OIL (15%) - Castor oil is said to bring fame, name and happiness to one’s family. It is also said to increase devotional faith in one’s family

NEEM OIL (10%) - Neem oil is said to bring wealth to the family

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