Bhagawat - The Krishna Avatar - Hard Copy

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This book talks about the glory of Vishnu and his incarnations. It is one of the most popular of the eighteen major puranas, and its recitations. The special collection of nine volumes of Amar Chitra Katha, based on the tenth chapter of the Bhagawat Purana, lovingly narrate the story of Krishna in detail. The episodes in the life of Krishna are described with vivid visuals and simple language. Krishna can single-handedly combat the vicious Kalia and overpower him.

This book portrays the longing of the gopikas for Krishna, symbolizes the longing of the human soul for God. The nine volumes that make up this issue are: Krishna, the Darling of Gokul Krishna, the Subduer of Kalia Krishna, the Upholder of Govardhan Krishna, Victory over Kamsa Krishna, the Lord of Dwarka Krishna, the Enchanter Krishna, the Victorious Krishna, An Ally of the Pandavas Krishna, the Saviour.

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