Ravi Sona Masoori Rice - 20 Lb

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Each grain handpicked from the sprawling paddy fields on the Krishna-Godavari delta, Ravi Sona Masoori rice is synonymous with quality and authenticity. Aged to perfection, the grains boast a unique flavour that you will savour for long. Ravi is a name that inspires trust, since 1966, our company has been dedicated to the supply and distribution of quality food products. Utmost care is taken during production, harvesting, milling and distribution to bring the most sought after Sona Masoori to your dinner table. Besides making for a great culinary experience, Ravi Sona Masoori rice also enhances nutritional value, without compromising either on taste or your diet. Preserved in the delectable aroma of the rice is the essence of India’s rich soil, and our company’s abiding respect for traditional modes of production and harvesting.

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