Laxmi Kala Jeera / Black Cumin Seeds - 100 Gm

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LAXMI Black Cumin Seed 100g (Kala Jeera) |This ridged dark brown to black color seed is derived from a wild-flowering herb that grows in Indias mountain regions. Black cumin in smaller and thinner than regular cumin seeds. The distinctive smell and complex flavor lends a smoky nature to dishes. It is also used to flavor dals, curries, pulaos and biryanis. Black cumin is used in soothing digestive drinks and as a cure to the aches and pains of the flu
All Laxmi products are carefully packaged under the most hygienic conditions according to international quality standard.
Gluten free | No GMO| Zero Additives | 100% Vegan | Pure Ingredients | Keep in Dry and Cool Place

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