Chings Mm Hakka Noodles Masala Pack Of 5 - 20 Gm

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Chings MM Hakka Noodles Masala Pack of 5 - 20 gm
100% No Preservatives
Helps You To Prepare Great Tasting Meals
Flavour: Noodles Masala
Easy-to-cook Noodle Masala
No need to add salt, spices, or other condiments
Gives an authentic Chinese taste
Boil noodles and keep aside
Stir fry the veggies
Add noodles
Add and mix one whole packet of Ching's Secret Chowmein Hakka Noodle Masala, 10 gm
Gently mix the noodles, Chinese masala, and veggies.
Serve hot

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