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  • Diwali Sale - 2017


    Celebrate this diwali in style with these Sweets, gifts and Sparklers. Shoperies is bringing you all the Diwali festival essentials like varieties of sweets, clay lamps, 10", 14" and 20" Sparklers, Snap pops

  • Ananda Mela


    Come join us for this Fun outdoor festival called Ananda Mela happening this July 29th and 30th. Its a FREE event. Experience the art, dance, music, exhibits, live performances and vedic way of life. Its absolutely amazing, its one of the largest festival in the NorthWest. Shoperies team will be there. We will be delighted to meet you. C

  • Mango Meter - Ripe or not


    Mango is fully ripe when the mangoes feel soft with a gentle squeeze and when you smell that fragrance around the stem end of the fruit. You can also use the below Shoperies Mango 'O' Meter to determine if the mango is fully ripe.